6 Critical Things to Know to Select the Right Roofing Contractor

The worst nightmare of homeowners in Houston, Texas is hearing that they need a roof replacement. However, it doesn’t have to be the catastrophic event that most people imagine it to be. Taking a few precautions can help the entire process flow smoothly. Roof replacement should take place long before leaks become a regular occurrence. Roof replacement is usually less costly than roof repair or re-roofing, simply because you won’t have to risk experiencing the previous issues you once had.

Roof Replacement vs Roof Repair

By installing brand new materials, you are eliminating problem areas altogether and starting fresh, which means your roof can Spartan roof-replacement humble TXlast throughout the duration of your stay in your home and even increase the value if you decide to sell it. While we’re replacing your roof, we can also improve your home with new gutters and downspouts. Roofing materials are designed to last an average of 30 years. All roofs will consequently, at some point, become worn out and weathered and will have to be repaired partially or replaced entirely.

Smart Roof Replacement: Get It Done Right the First Time

Roof replacement is a cost you don’t want to have to pay for repeatedly, because it can obviously become quite expensive. That’s why we make sure we strictly adhere to the highest work standards to bring you the best value for your money. Consequently, we constantly educate our construction crew on the current roofing replacement methods offered by the roofing shingle manufacturers that we install.

Types of Roofing Materials needed for Roof Replacement

spartan construction roof replacementHome roofing supplies play a significant part in the project’s overall cost. Often, the cost of materials is dependent upon the price of the raw form of their origin. To illustrate, asphalt shingles are created with petroleum and petroleum costs generally vary quite extensively. The price of asphalt tends to range as seasons change. Copper is another example of a roofing material that hinges on the cost of its raw form. Copper roofing materials are sourced from raw copper, a commodity that has a somewhat volatile price range.


Selecting a Quality Contractor

Many contractors have Lifetime Workmanship Warranties. Here at Spartan Roof Construction, we give a 7 year transferable workmanship warranty on our replacements. A roof is an entire system that needs to be properly installed by a knowledgeable, trained roofing contractor. Rest assured that if a contractor is sticking their neck out for any water damage that could occur from a leaky roof, it is highly likely that they will do everything they can to prevent the problems from starting.

Are Roof Replacement Contractors Required to Have Insurance?

In Texas there is no licensing for roofing contractors. It is not regulated by the state.  Insurance certificates should be presented to you for review upon the initial inspection. The minimum amount in Texas is 300,000.  Here at Spartan Roof Construction, we carry 1,000,000 in insurance coverage.

The Cost of Roof Inspections

The expenses related to routine assessments and upkeep of your home’s roof really do not cost you a great deal; the expense of disregarding routine servicing, on the other hand, could be substantial. Many times, the out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach could turn into an expensive roofing repair nightmare. There’s usually no charge for a professional roofing assessment. Here at Spartan Roof Contractors, were never charge for our initial Roof inspection.

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