Five Questions to ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

So it’s time to hire a roofing contractor. Whether you’re in need of roof repair or a total roof replacement, it’s important that you choose carefully when looking for a roofing contractor. A partially finished or shoddy job can lead to even more complications than your original roofing problems. So how do you know which roofing contractor to hire? The key is to “interview” and get written estimates from more than one contractor. When vetting roofing contractors, here are 5 questions you should always ask:

1. Are you Licensed and Insured?

This is the most important question you could ask, since the state of Texas does not require roofing contractors to be licensed or insured. Follow up on the license and insurance information that they provide to make sure it’s current and valid. Even if they give you a copy of their license or proof of insurance, still call the companies to verify that everything is up-to-date. Only work with contractors who are licensed and covered by insurance. A license shows the company has the proficiency to get the roofing job done correctly, and insurance protects you, the homeowner, from damage that may occur to your property or injuries that may befall the contractors’ workers.

2. Will you Provide a Detailed Written Estimate?

Word-of-mouth agreements are never the best way to start out a roofing job. First, make sure there is a detailed written estimate as part of the contract, signed by both parties, that specifies the scope of work to be done and the amount to be paid. Most contracts will have some alternatives and flexibility built in to allow for possible unexpected occurrences, but you want those to stay at a minimum. If necessary, adjustments or amendments could always be added later. Don’t allow the initial estimate amount in the contract to be too varied or open-ended.

3. What Warranty will my Roof Replacement or Roof Repair be Under?

For a new roof, don’t settle for a warranty less than 25 years. New, dimensional style roof shingles last longer than older versions, so a roof replacement should last you at least 25 years. Repair warranties differ between contractors, so don’t forget to compare warranty lengths when comparing roofing contractors’ cost estimates, timelines of work, and other factors.

4. Do you Have a Website, Local Phone Number, and on-site Address?

You want a solid guarantee that you know where to find the company or its representatives should you need to check up on the job being done. Someone who just works out of a truck and uses a cell-phone would be more difficult to track down if something goes wrong during or after the job is done. It can be difficult to enforce a warranty if you cannot contact the roofing contractor who did the work. Reputable companies will have an office location with a landline number, a local physical address, and a solid online presence.

5. Do you Have Client References?

Abundant, positive references and reviews are the mark of a reliable company. Ask the roofing contractor to provide references from past homeowners who have been satisfied with their work. Many reputable companies will list reviews on their website (while helpful, keep in mind that these are chosen for website publication, so negative reviews would be purposefully omitted). More neutral, reliable reviews can be found on the company’s social media page. Google reviews are also an excellent, unbiased source of previous clients’ feedback. If you cannot locate references to your satisfaction online, ask the contractor for a list of references before allowing them to begin the job.

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