Roof Repair – 9 Possible Causes of Roof Deterioration

It’s never a good feeling when you have a leaking roof. As a proud homeowner, you care about the structural integrity of your property and cringe at the thought of a major repair. Fortunately, a leaky roof is not always a catastrophe. Sometimes, there’s a simple solution. By hiring a professional roof repair company, you can properly address any and every leaky roof issue you have. However, to prevent future holes, it’s important to understand what causes them in the first place. This insight can help you improve your abilities as a hands-on homeowner by giving you information about proper preventative upkeep.

There are many causes of roof deterioration.

9 Reasons for Roof Repair

1) Attic Condensation.

Often, water leakage in a roof appears to be a problem with the roof, when in fact it’s an issue with the attic space. The wrong type of attic airflow may cause an extreme amount of humidity in the air from the bottom level floors and begin to accumulate in the attic space. This can inevitably contribute to an accumulation of moisture that seeps into your ceilings and walls.

2) Broken Shingles.broken shingles

Broken or cracked shingles is another common cause for water leakage in a roof. This signifies it would be necessary to repair damaged or missing shingles immediately.

3) Impediment Roof Gutters.

When roof gutters become clogged, they cannot perform their primary duty of guiding rainwater away from the roof. Obstructed roof gutters may eventually cause water accumulation underneath shingles, which creates the need for roof repair to prevent roof leakages.


4) Cracked Chimneys.

Roof leaks are commonly caused by cracked or busted chimneys. When bricks and mortar around a chimney are in poor condition, this can allow water to ooze in from the outside.

5) Cracked Flashing.

Although a home’s chimney and skylights may be found in good shape, the flashing around them can cause leaks in your roof if cracked or broken. It is one of the most common causes for leaks and creates the urgent need for roof repair.

6) Defective Skylight on Roof.

When skylights are not adequately shut or set, they can lead to water invasion through the roof. Whether it’s due to broken sealant, cracked glass, or improper installing, it’s vital to repair defective skylights immediately.

7) Fractured Roof Vent Booting.

Any damage to roof vent booting can cause ceiling leaks. Whether your ceiling has a gas vent-hole or graded cover, there is a boot all along the base to prevent moisture invasion. When this booting is damaged, a hole can develop.

spartan roof repair8) Roof Valleys with Insufficient Sealant.

The inverted v-shaped valley that is created when two roof points joint together is a common opportunity for water to accumulate. Because of this, proper sealing is vital to prevent moisture from seeping in. If this closing is improperly sealed, a leak can occur.


9) Natural Roof Deterioration.

Natural wear and tear is every roof exterior enemy and organically creates the need for roof repair. Over time, roofs will incur various types of wear and tear, such as the loss of the protective sealant on its shingles. This will inevitably lead to roof leakage.

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